Solar Ear - Partners


Solar Ear makes partnerships with companies to fund investments in our facilities, training, technology development programs and much more!  Get in touch if you have interest on building a partnership with us.

Partnership with  Yunus Centre that will bring financial investment for speeding up Solar Ear operation in Brazil, mainly for hiring the sales force.

Support for our founder, Howard Weinstein, that was elected Ashoka Fellow in 2008. Solar Ear, therefore, is part of the Ashoka world network of partnerships and contacts.

Partnership with Via Varejo that gives discount for employees and their families that buy hearing aids. Besides, they’ll be able to use the whole Solar Ear structure to undertake examinations with no cost.

Solar Ear and Verizon are developing a project to build a smartphone app that will transform the cell phone into a hearing aid.

Partnership with Pauchon Foundation to build a school in Israel for Jewish, Muslim and Christian deaf workers with a peace-building mission.